Wraiths ‘Hollow Pilgrim’ LP

A-side: Plague Cart

B-side: Charnel House

180g clear vinyl with smoky haze LP

Printed inner and outer sleeves

Edition of 300 copies

Release date: tbc

Cover artwork by Max Hornak

The concept of Hollow Pilgrim stems from that which the medieval
peasant feared the most – not an honest death, not the long suffering
of Purgatory and not even the temptation and eventual, justified
damnation of the sinner but the soul-searing agony of dying unshriven.

In the mid-14th century, when what would become known as the Black Death was at its height in Britain, the death-toll amongst lay and clergy was so great that many died without being able to confess to a priest, repent their sins and hence be absolved. This meant that, strictly, the body
should not be buried in consecrated land but, more terrifyingly, the soul
would remain ever apart from the Lord. Not only were corpses left in
vast pits, targets for mundane predators as well as the ghastly
possibility of nocturnal resurrection by some unearthly power, but the
belief that lingering souls would eventually turn on the living was
widespread. The religious and sociological horror that this created would leave a psychic stain on the country.

For Wraiths, Hollow Pilgrim is a transitional work. They’ve opened up
the palette used to create the sounds – the core of broken instruments
has been augmented by modified accordion and an increased focus on
vocals, some equipment was intentionally sabotaged – and used the
recording session for these two pieces to explore similar sounds, used
in different ways. Combined with the recent collaboration with
Pyramids, this period of transformation is necessary. Their methods have
become more focused and will continue in this vein. Wraiths cast off yet
more humanity like the dead skin it is…


Black Mountain Transmitter ‘Theory & Practice’ LP

A-side: Theory

B-side: Practice

180g transparent dark blue vinyl LP

Remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin

Printed inner and outer sleeves

Edition of 300 copies

Release date: tbc

Cover artwork by J. R. Moore

Originally released as a limited edition cassette on Lysergic Earwax in April 2010, ‘Theory & Practice’ is a splicing together of drone theory and Berlin School electronics.

‘Theory’ is a studio recording using guitar and synthesiser fed through a tape delay system, creating a roughly hewn homage to the Yoshi Wada/Phill Niblock school of Minimalism.

‘Practice’ is a live reworking of the same material with the addition of C. Mitchell on cymbals. Further sequencer-driven embellishments were then added in the studio, pushing the piece outward into Kosmische space-time.


Nicholas Szczepanik title to be confirmed LP


Matthew Swiezynski title to be confirmed LP